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This website was originally intended to showcase my photographs; however, it has become a database for hiking trip reports of places I have been. The Vacation Trip Reports page lists hikes by location, while the Trip Reports by Date page lists the hikes by when they were completed.

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Death Valley Forum 

If you were a member of the death-valley.net forum and are wondering where it went, please visit the "new" death-valley.net forum, 


which is being run by forum member netllama. And a very big thank-you to the admin of the old death-valley.net forum for their many years of excellent work on that forum!

Map of Trip Reports and places in Death Valley (official and unofficial place names)

Still in progress (it’ll probably never be entirely finished, but at this point it is mostly done)…

Color Key

Blue: I have written a trip report on this location

Green: I have visited this location but did not write a trip report

Purple: I haven’t been there (yet)

Brown: peak on the NPS DEVA High Points list


Locations on this map are approximate. Just because a place is named does not necessarily mean it is easily accessible. You are responsible for your own safety. (See thedisclaimer on the trip reports page of this site.)

Many of these locations have alternate names. I have tried to include all of the names I know of for these locations. Please let me know if you find errors. 

Also see my death-valley.net forum thread about this map.

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